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We collaborate with leading corporations, foundations, and top institutions across sectors (including universities, government agencies, and international organizations) through meaningful partnerships.

RICSI Themes and Outcomes

Our themes focus on outcomes, through the integration of our CSI methodology. These desired outcomes are:

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Climate change is a social as well as environmental issue, one that disproportionately impacts poorer individuals and communities. The RICSI’s work in this space links social justice to climate change to ensure we move the needle in a holistic way.

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Health outcomes should not depend on location, race, or socioeconomic status. The RICSI explores health equity, through social determinants of health, to recommend practical steps for better — and more equitable — outcomes.

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How can we ensure economic prosperity reaches the individuals and communities that need it most? The RICSI envisions a Future of Work that, through education, reskilling, and a commitment to sustainability, is engaging and offers opportunities for all.






Webinar Series

During Fall 2022, the RICSI will be hosting and publishing a series of webinars focusing on our three key outcomes: Climate Justice, Health Equity, and Shared Prosperity. 

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Inclusive Impact Summit

In March 2022, we hosted a two-day virtual summit featuring innovative keynote speakers and leading academics focusing on Climate Justice, Health Equity, and Shared Prosperity through the lenses of research and practice.

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Future of Work

The RICSI launched its Future of Work initiative to conduct research on COVID-19 and the Future of work. Special emphasis was given to how actions taken by corporations in response to the pandemic can leverage the tools of Corporate Social Innovation (CSI) to mitigate challenges and help society “build back better.”

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Social Determinants of Health Hackathon

Social Determinants of Health Hackathon.  Contact for more information.

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QUASI Seminar Series

The Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation is proud to host the Questions & Unanswers About Social Innovation (QUASI) Seminar Series. Framed as debates, QUASI seminars are designed to help scholars develop richer and more refined research questions about social innovation.

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