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Inclusive Impact Summit


“The future isn’t written…we all have power, we all have agency.  Every one of us.”

                                                             -Sally Uren, March 31, 2022 at the Inclusive Impact Summit

The inaugural Inclusive Impact Summit featured a broad spectrum of engaging thought leaders focusing on how we can drive inclusive impact, a concept rooted in the premise that challenging societal issues can best be addressed when diverse voices are contributing to the solution. 

By opening the lens on “diversity” to be even more expansive, the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation is bringing together people who are often left out of these conversations.  The Institute – located at what has been the nation’s most diverse campus over the past 25 years – is optimistic that today’s momentum around Diversity, Equity and Inclusion can result in greater, faster progress.

The Summit focused on three key themes:

  • Climate Justice: Climate change is a social as well as environmental issue, one that disproportionately impacts poorer individuals and communities. The Institute’s work in this space links social justice to climate change to ensure we move the needle in a holistic way.
  • Health Equity: Health outcomes should not depend on location, race, or socioeconomic status. The Institute explores the social determinants of health to recommend practical steps for better – and more equitable – outcomes.
  • Shared Prosperity: How can we ensure economic prosperity reaches the individuals and communities that need it most? Our work, anchored in Newark, New Jersey, explores local, national, and global factors related to inclusive growth.

On March 30th, our day of Research, we heard from leading researchers from around the world including Canada, China, France, Germany, Singapore, and the United States.

On March 31st, our day of Practice, we heard from keynote speakers from organizations such as the B Team, Forum for the Future, Greyston Bakery, EY, TerraCycle, and authors from impactful books such as Net Positive, New Power, and The First, the Few, the Only: How Women of Color Can Redefine Power in Corporate America.

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