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More than ever, corporations today demand metrics and data to make the best, most-informed business decisions. To address our most pressing social needs, we connect leading academics and corporate executives across specializations to generate cutting-edge research and practices.

How we do it:

  • Serve as a hub for leading research on corporate social innovation
  • Publish work in leading academic journals based on industry insights and successful practices
  • Convene symposia for academics
  • Host visiting scholars, and PhD students in this space
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QUASI Seminar Series

The Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation hosted the Questions & Unanswers About Social Innovation (QUASI) Seminar Series. Framed as debates, QUASI seminars were designed to help scholars develop richer and more refined research questions about social innovation.

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Future of Work

An Unprecedented Opportunity for Corporate Social Innovation: The Future of Work and COVID-19

Special Issue RBR

Special Issue of Rutgers Business Review

Please see our special issues of the Rutgers Business Review on Corporate Social Innovation:

Summer 2020

Summer 2022

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Unlocking the Potential for Social Intrapreneurship Call for Scholars

Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation is proud to be at the forefront of an effort with the Aspen Business & Society and the Fetzer Institute to encourage more teaching and research on corporate social intrapreneurship.