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"Creating a Plan B for Better Business"

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Inclusive Impact Summit, March 2022

The Big Idea

We are at an urgent moment in our society where we must change the way we do things, from gender equity to stakeholder capitalism.  Making the change will require courage, a sense of individual purpose, and a concern for the greater good.

3 Things We Heard

  1. “It takes the DNA of the world we live in to sustain the world we live in.” Speaking about gender equity Tomasdottir asks why we would try to build an economy with only half the input, half the talent and half the perspective?  “We all matter to the social contract needed to advance society.”
  2. We’ve come to the end of running business in the old way.  “It’s left us with a burning planet, and there’s no business on a burning planet.”  As a result we have a lack of trust in leaders across our society.
  3. Real leaders are looking at ‘how am I transforming everything I do to be sustainable so I can survive this great decade of transformation’?

What If?

…the upgrade to capitalism is “capitalism with care”, where we are concerned with everyone’s welfare?

…DEI efforts are the lever we need to pull to make this a planet where we love where we live?

…you care so deeply about something you unlock incredible energy in service of the greater good?

Click here to watch her talk.

Looking Ahead

For more provocative thinking, join the Institute’s Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg at our upcoming webinar series:

September 9: Climate Justice: Advancing Health Equity in the Face of a Changing Climate - Register here

October 7: Health Equity: The Role of Business in Building Healthy Communities - Register here

November 4: Shared Prosperity


We look forward to sharing more ideas and engaging in dialogue with you.