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Climate Justice: Advancing Health Equity in the Face of a Changing Climate

Climate Justice Webinar

On September 9th, we, the Rutgers Institute for Corporate Social Innovation, hosted a discussion on Climate Justice featuring Philip Dahlin, Global Director of Sustainability at Johnson & Johnson, and Kristin Stevens, Director of Climate & Disaster Resilience, Americares.

Facilitated by Dr. Jeana Wirtenberg, Dahlin and Stevens outlined the compound issues of climate justice and health equity, and identified steps toward progress. 

Students from Rutgers University had these takeaways:

  • “The world is changing in negative ways that most of the population cannot financially or physically deal with.” [Erica Cruz]


  • “Often the people least responsible for it (climate change) are the ones hurt the most.” [Samuel Cartagena-Sergenian]


  • “Hearing Stevens say ‘all hands-on deck’ shows how much of a role we all play in this ongoing crisis.” [Timothy McDonald]


  • “Companies and organizations have pre-existing resources and knowledge that they can use to help local communities.” [Samuel Cartagena-Sergenian]


  • “I learned that fostering partnerships with institutions at the local level is a crucial element for many types of businesses.” [Sebastian Vlahovic]


  • “Partnership is important because local institutions know their communities the best, and there can be positive synergy between international organizations providing support to the local health centers.” [Samuel Cartagena-Sergenian]


  • “Data is important because it can get us so far, but then you also need relationships to get you further.” [Sofia Gorsd]


  • “Every choice we make no matter where we are and what do has an important effect on the environment.” [Mohammed Suhaibu]


  • “…extremely informative and interesting…I feel empowered to go out and make a change to help this world and make it a better place for everyone.” [Sofia Gorsd]

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